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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
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Road puts smiles on Long Semadoh folk
Posted on : 20 Apr 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post Online

Road puts smiles on Long Semadoh folk

April 20, 2018, Friday Peter Sibon,


Works in progress to upgrade the Long Luping-Ba Kelalan road.

Padan Ukab

KUCHING: The Lun Bawang community of Kampung Long Tanid in Long Semadoh are a happier lot now because a feeder road built right up to their door steps has been completed.

The road, built under the Jiwa Murni programme about five years ago, that leads to their village has been left for years without any maintenance.

According to their village chief, Padan Ukab, the government’s assistance in repairing the road is greatly appreciated by the villagers.

“We would like to record our sincere appreciation to the government and the contractor for repairing the road. We also hope that they will continue to do the same for the whole stretch of the road until Ba Kelalan,” he said in a statement received here yesterday

He also appealed to the contractor to dredge a river near their village of the stones and pebbles as it has become shallower due to erosion.

“Deepening the river will prevent water from overflowing into our paddy fields,” said Padan.

Local transporter, Henry Singa described the ongoing works to improve the Long Semadoh-Ba Kelalan road as a ‘dream come true’.

The road was in terrible condition last year due to the incessant rain that turned it into a long stretch of muddy pool.

“However, there are still plenty of work to be done, especially the stretches which are still very slippery during rainy days,” said Henry.

He said the contractor was now resurfacing the road with stones and gravels, making the road more drivable with wider surface and good drains.

“Now we can see smiles on the faces of the transport operators and their passengers.”

He said the people are thankful to the government, especially the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing for their serious commitment to upgrade the road.

The deteriorating condition of the 75km-Long Luping-Ba Kelalan road last year, which was dubbed ‘Buffalo Trail’ by the locals, has been highlighted by the Borneo Post on numerous occasions.

The state government reacted and consequently instructed a local contractor to upgrade the road at a cost of RM45 million.