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Sg Krian Bridge project ready for tender
Posted on : 28 Sep 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Sg Krian Bridge project ready for tender

September 28, 2017, Thursday


Julaihi (fourth left) with invited guests and community leaders.

KUCHING: The design for Sg Krian Bridge has been drawn and the project ready for tender.

In revealing this, Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi, said the bridge is part of the coastal road project connecting Pusa, Sesang and Kabong.

The bridge will link up the coastal road to bring transformation to the coastal areas.

“The idea (to build Sg Krian bridge) was mooted by the state government a long time ago, showing the government listens to the people and is committed to transforming coastal areas for the better,” Julaihi said yesterday.

Earlier he chaired a dialogue on the project with local community leaders, communities and elected representatives in Kabong.

The dialogue to get feedback from community leaders and answer their queries was attended by Kabong assemblyman Mohd Chee Kadir, Beting Maro assemblyman Razaili Gapor, Kalaka assemblyman Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz, permanent secretary to Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Datu Safri Zainuddin and Kabong district officer Kamaludin Alkap.

Julaihi did not disclose the cost of the bridge, but said the allocation was adequate, and the project would transform Kabong into a seaside attraction.

“Sg Krian bridge, like other bridge projects, will enable fishermen and farmers in coastal areas to sell their produce, and develop the tourism industry in coastal areas,” said the Sebuyau assemblyman.

Julaihi said Batang Lupar and Btg Saribas were in the planning stage and once completed together with Sg Krian projects would reduce travelling time from Kabong to Kuching to only four hours.

The coastal road will connect coastal towns and villages Sematan, Sebuyau, Pusa, Daro, Matu and Kuala Balingian besides providing job and business opportunities that contribute to the socio-economy of the state.