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Coastal highway brings many benefits — Julaihi
Posted on : 21 Jul 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Coastal highway brings many benefits — Julaihi

June 21, 2017, Wednesday Jacob Achoi,

Julaihi (seated in the middle) with Ajis on his right in a photo-call with community leaders and recipients.

SEBUYAU: A coastal highway to link coastal areas and towns like Meludam, Kabong, Sebangan, Sebuyau and Mukah, among others, will become a nucleus for those living in coastal areas, says Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi.

He said the construction of the highway, which was still under discussion, would benefit the people in coastal areas and towns and generate economic activities like commercial land development for agricultural products.

“The construction of a coastal road is very necessary to properly connect coastal areas and long established coastal towns in the state because at the moment there is a missing link to connect coastal areas, and we hope to get the project soon,” he told reporters after presenting donations to 73 less fortunate people from Sebuyau area at the Sebuyau sub-district office yesterday.

Present was Sarawak administrative officer from Sebuyau sub-district office Ajis Ahmad.

Julaihi, who is Sebuyau assemblyman, said it was also necessary to construct bridges along the coastal roads in view of the large number of vehicles using ferry services.

According to him, based on 2015 statistics, 871,512 vehicles used the ferry services at Batang Rambungan, 356,088 at Batang Lupar, 276,732 at Sungai Saribas, 121,088 at Sungai Krian, 377,166 at Batang Paloh, 392,686 at Muara Lassa and 184,187 at Batang Igan per year for which the government had to spend RM4,352,260; RM4,610,395; RM4,566,204; RM2,969,365; RM5,368,950; RM9,412,034 and RM398,771 respectively.

“With the large number of vehicles using the ferry services and expenditure to operate the ferry services, it is justified to build bridges to properly connect coastal areas,” he pointed out.

He was glad to note that the government had approved the construction of the Batang Lupar bridge and appointed a consultant to look into the project, adding that the 70km coastal road project between Sebuyau and Lingga was also under discussion.