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Julaihi holds dialogue on coastal road
Posted on : 14 Jul 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post online


Julaihi responding to a question from the floor during the dialogue.

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Coastal Roads Datuk Julaihi Narawi on Wednesday met with community and local leaders from Pusa and Beladin to discuss on the coastal road and proposed Batang Saribas bridge, which has been approved.

The meeting, under the coastal connectivity programme, was organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation (MIDT), Public Works Department (JKR) and Betong Resident’s Office.

Held at Datuk Godam Hall in Pusa, it was attended by Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil, Beting Maro assemblyman Razaili Ghapor, permanent secretary to MIDT Safri Zainuddin and Betong Resident Datu Romie Sigan Daniel.

Julaihi thanked the state government for approving the Batang Saribas bridge, which was proposed in the 5th Malaysia Plan (5MP).

“I would like to thank the state government for having approved the Batang Saribas bridge. The project must continue as the smaller districts in coastal areas have long been established. For example, the population of Pusa has reached 10,000 and this justifies for a bridge be built,” he pointed out.

He hoped that the bridge can be completed during the current 11th Malaysia Plan and located at the current site of the ferry terminal to meet the demand of the community and local leaders who spoke during the dialogue.

“Based on response and feedback during the dialogue, the people in the area want the bridge to be built at the present site of the ferry terminal,” he said.

Saying that the bridge complements the coastal road, Julaihi advised the locals to think of ways to improve their socio-economy, particularly to market their agricultural produce and fish-based products.

Julaihi pointed out that the coastal connectivity programme was first mooted in the 5th Malaysia Plan to link the densely populated and predominantly poorer areas along the coastline of the state from Sematan to Miri and the main towns in the state.

The connectivity programme also serves as an alternative to the state’s first trunk road (Pan Borneo Highway), he added.

The existing coastal road is approximately 896km and currently there are ferry services provided at seven major river crossings – Btg Rambungan, Btg Lupar, Btg Saribas, Sg Krian, Btg Paloh, Muara Lassa and Btg Igan.